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Giving Back

Calling All Angels!

By November 22, 2016 January 20th, 2019 No Comments

A very special Christmas tree is nestled among the spectacular holiday displays at Bountiful again this year. For the sixth year, we’re sponsoring an Angel Tree so that our customers and friends can help bring a brighter Christmas to families impacted by domestic violence.

Most of the tags on the tree represent the holiday “wishes” of families and children served by the Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence (MSCFV), including those living in the Council’s shelters. Some tags represent requests by the Council itself for items that would enhance their ability to serve clients.

We think our tree says a lot about the community in which we live. For several years, my staff and I asked the MSCFV to let us know about families who could use our help during the holidays and we took great joy in helping to meet their needs. Customers pitched in too. Each year, the pile of gifts grew as more and more customers caught on to what we were doing.

We wondered what would happen if we encouraged the entire community to participate in our special holiday tradition and six years ago we found out. The response has been truly overwhelming, and we are all very, very grateful for the community’s generous support of these vulnerable families.

The Angel Tree will be at Bountiful through December 15th. Please consider dropping by the store and picking up a gift tag from the tree. Wrapped gifts, with the original tag firmly attached, should be returned to the store.

For additional information about the Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence, please visit it’s website, www.mscfv.org or call 410-479-1149. The Council’s 24-hour crisis hotline is 1-800-927-4673. For additional information, please visit our Facebook page, or call 410-763-8500.

Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays,

Jamie, Martha, Barbara, Jackie, Gayla, Paula, Denise, Amanda, Carol, Angela, Ellen, Debbie, Ellie, Adrienne, Marty, Alec & Don

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